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Here's Just A Fraction Of What You'll Learn:
  • How to use The LINK Method™ to draft messages that COMMAND a response! (page 79)
  •  What people THINK LinkedIn is for vs. what it’s REALLY for (page 2) 
  •  Best business practices for generating leads through social selling (and avoiding getting your LinkedIn account suspended) (page 47) 
  •  How to create more leads, clients, and revenue with the LinkedIn Domination Formula™ (page 4) 
  •  How to stand out, get found, position yourself as an authority, and establish top-of-mind awareness (page 6) 
  •  A simple (yet highly effective) method for converting cold LinkedIn connections into high-value clients (page 82) 
  •  How to engage effectively with the right prospects, generate referrals, and move conversations offline (page 7) 
  •  Which LinkedIn membership is right for you (and when it’s worth upgrading) (page 171) 
  •  How to sell in a world that ignores cold calls and unsolicited emails (page 11) 
  •  The benefits of social selling (and how to use it to beat your competitors) (page 12) 
  •  How to speak your ideal client’s language (and actually gain their trust) (page 22) 
  •  The easiest and most effective ways to build authority, credibility, and trust online (page 99) 
  •  The only thing that differentiates you from your competitors (and how to capitalize on it) (page 24) 
  •  How to turn your LinkedIn profile into a client-attracting machine (page 27)
  •  The key to appearing at the top of LinkedIn search results (and it won’t cost you a cent!) (page 29)
  •  ...and much, much more! 
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